A new Alexander Rappoport's restaurant "Voskhod" has been opened in Zaryadye park. Alexander is famous in Moscow for his fabulous restaurants "Dr. Zhivago" and "Beluga".

From the gastronomic point of view, the territory of the former Soviet Union exists outside the modern geopolitical realias and independently of current maps in history books: it is close knit with secret culinary codes forever.

Outside the hours and the fashion, a contemporary "Voskhod" restaurant enters an orbit of the collective unconscious — to a familiar, close and native culinary space where all dishes of the USSR folks are equally valuable, loved, habitual and understandable.

The kitchen is managed by Maxim Tarusin, who is known by the Moscow gourmets by "Dr. Zhivago" restaurant, where new life was breathed into the Soviet cuisine with sincere pride. The creative career of Maxim includes the work in the legendary Yar restaurant at the Sovetsky hotel, apprenticeship in China, the USA and France and wins in many prestigious professional competitions.

In a new project of Alexander Rappoport, the union republics are a huge territory, where the modern Russian cuisine continues to live and develop, and the neighborhood of borsch, mantas, satsivi, pilaf, potato flapjacks, Chebureki, sprats and shashlik will always seem natural.

The cuisine of the Voskhod restaurant is an authentic dive into the Soviet culinary heritage from all its sides. Imagine a dinner consisting of an Azerbaijanian pilaf Sabza-Govurma with lamb, julienne of Kamchatka crabs to Poltava borsch with goose and soused apples accompanied by qistibi with potato. As it always the case with the Rappoport's Restaurants holding project, he and his seemingly endless stand behind more than half of the recipes.

Equality, fraternity, peoples friendship, agitation and euphoria of the success in the space exploration, a matter of common enthusiasm and elation starts in the vivid and futuristic design by the sisters Sundukova and continues in the unique sound setting prepared personally by Artem Leonidovich. The eternal hits of Zemlyane Laima Vaikule and Yuri Antonov allow no one generation to stay indifferent.

The interior embodies the thoughts of a person of the 1960s about current days, and the windows look out on the green grass of the Zaryadye Park and the panoramic view of the Kremlin and the Vasilievsky Slope.

With regard to the complicated logistics of the Zaryadye Park, it is not difficult to get into the Voskhod restaurant. The park already has a parking, and the elevator takes guests directly to the restaurant where they are met by women wearing the uniform of space base workers.

Moscow. Varvarka str, 6.
Zaryadye Park

+7 (495) 531-04-30

Voshod is open seven days a week
noon - 11:30 pm